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Вышел openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 2

Вышла вторая альфа дистрибутива, который стоит у меня везде - openSUSE.

Most annoying bugs for now:

* Branding and translations are still at the 10.2 level Bug 240598

* ide-disk module does not get loaded at installation time. A

“modprobe ide-disk” on commandline does workaround this issue. This
affects all older IDE chipsets which are not supported via libata,
like chipsets used in virtualisation applications Bug 250241

* Firefox on x86-64 does not connect to any website Bug 249686

* KDE-Multimedia is not selected for KDE by default Bug 253022

* GNOME main menu does crash direct after login. Select to delete it,
then right click on the panel, select add to panel and then choose
menu bar to get a menu. We’ve put older gnome-main-menu RPMS to

* GNOME installation fails to install gail package, just click ignore

* Some GNOME applications will crash when closing them. As a result,

bug buddy will show up. Do not use bug buddy to report these bugs,
but rather go to bugzilla.novell.com and search to see if the bug
has already been reported.

The list of annoying bugs is found here as well, please update it if
you find more:


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